While enjoying a salad at a sidewalk café one breezy afternoon last week, I caught a delightful whiff of my favorite scent, Island Capri by Michael Kors. I instantly spotted a fabulously dressed woman who appeared to be donning designer originals from head to toe. When she sat down, she placed her stunning vintage Gucci clutch atop her table. Of course, I had to send a complement. She kindly thanked me and quickly enjoyed her lunch. As she left, she dropped a piece of paper off at my table that simply read “Fabaaa.com” With that said, I bring to you today’s review.


The Fabaaa website is tastefully designed with easily identifiable links to different categories, and a wide assortment of products strategically placed in the center of the home page. At first glance, I am able to quickly identify the different types of products sold here, and the different designer names featured on the site like Louis Vuitton and Burberry.


Product Range
I was pleased to see a large assortment of bags ranging from clutches to oversized shoulder bags. They also offer a variety of other appealing products like Ladies and Men’s apparel, shoes, jewelry, watches, and accessories.


I may never know if the woman at the café was carrying a bag purchased from this site. However, if it was, it was one of the most stunning replicas I’ve seen in my many years as a handbag connoisseur. The site doesn’t reference certain materials or genuine leather, which leads me to believe they may be using low-quality materials. However, the bags are carefully designed to provide the illusion of being original replica designs.


With most products priced under $50, the prices are frighteningly low. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly can appreciate a true bargain, but the prices are another indicator that the products are not made with the high-quality materials.


Payments & Policies
Shoppers have a variety of payment options here, as Fabaaa.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, and Money Gram. They have a pretty simple return policy, which specifies the buyer is responsible to pay return shipping costs. However, they only allow 7 days for a buyer to return a product, which is about half the time other retailers allow.


Fabaaa attempts to offer a product to consumers who appreciate designer names but perhaps cannot afford designer prices. It appears they put a lot of work into providing products that initially look nice, but do they last? You’re going to get what you pay for here, nothing more and nothing less. Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.