A lot of people confuse copies for replicas and vice versa, but there’s a big difference. Let me explain…

The confusion lies in the term “copy”, because people automatically think copies are fake versions of designer purses. If you look it up, “replica” and “copy” are even synonyms. However, this is not the case every time in the bag world. The term “copy” can also be used when certain bags have similarities or look alike. Here’s an example:

This bag is from K-Dash, the Kardashian sisters’ new bag collection. Looks familiar, right?

This is the Chloe Marcie bag, the obvious inspiration of the K-Dash bag. Although the two bags look strangely alike, you would not really be able to call the K-Dash an exact replica because it does not bear the same label. There are several more budding designers and new collections that take “inspiration” from more popular luxury goods. Although the copied designers might not like this practice, it is actually legal.

Knock-offs or replica bags will copy every detail of a designer bag, from the texture of the leather to the logo of the designer brand itself. Amazingly, today’s technology makes it very doable to make a high quality replica that looks exactly the same as the real deal. Which is better, knock-offs or copies? That depends on your preference.